3 Reasons You Need Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?

Simply put, Information Architecture (IA) is all about organizing data in such an intuitive way the users will easily find it.

What is Information Architecture?

Imagine you’re in a supermarket you’ve never visited before and you’re trying to find your favorite snacks. You’re in a hurry because your train leaves in 10 minutes. How would you know where to go and how would you feel if you ended up running out of time with nothing? Pretty depressing, isn’t it?

This is how users feel when they can’t find what they’re looking for. The difference is they will have few seconds instead of minutes.

Why you need IA?

1. Increase your ROI.

Back in 2009, Jared Spool proved that testing how customers interact with the site can pay. He described an example of how changing the place of the login form on a site can result in the $300,000,000 increase in sales. It’s amazing how a simple fix in IA (information architecture) can boost your sales and ROI.

2. Improve the User Experience on your site.

Lack of Information Architecture = high bounce rate. You can improve bounce rate on your site with Information Architecture by:

  • Creating a clear layout,
  • Working on a consistency on your site,
  • Creating good headlines,
  • Minimizing the number of pop ups.

3. Save your Time and Money.

Bad Information Architecture = increased expenses and time spent on trying to improve conversion rates. Not only it generates lost costs, but also growing frustration. It’s like you’ve been painting the wall for the whole day and the next morning you realize someone has put an ugly graffiti on it. Time = money. Save your money and implement Information Architecture on your site asap.

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