5 Inspirations to Help You Keep Your Edge

Looking for new inspirations or partnerships?

You probably noticed that online marketing is not only about supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ideas… Very often we need to repeat certain tasks in order to meet your KPIs. At the end of the day, our job is to make leads and increase conversions.

Sounds harsh?

Don’t loose your edge even after a tedious day of work and stay creative!

Here are 5 inspirations that can help you keep your edge.

Beta List

Beta List presents 100 new startups each month. It’s a great site to get inspired, observe new trends and find new marketing partners. Who knows, maybe the startup you make contact with today will turn into a multi-million dollar business.



Awwwards is a site where you can look for inspiration for your website or landing page. They recognize and award the best web design ideas.



When I first visited Quirky.com I was stunned with the creative Customer Empowerment idea behind this project. Quirky is a platform where you can find hundreds of creative products and either submit your own product, influence others, or buy the one you’d like to have in your home. It’s creativity in the making.



Looking for inspiration to your landing page, newsletter or social media content? Pinterest has plenty of it. Simply choose the topic and open a box of inspiration.


Exercising keeps your mind and body fresh. This is invaluable in order to stay creative. It’s a pat of a long term strategy to make your brain produce creative ideas. It also helps you get rid of stress which is a stumbling block in the creative process.



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