5 Ways to Turn Customer Empowerment into Action

Consumers are much more „empowered” than they used to. A good product is not enough anymore. They want a product that is tailored to their needs and they want to have impact on how it looks. Read this quick guide through Customer Empowerment and learn how to win your customers.

 1. Engage in conversation

Oreo responds to its fan's tweet.
Oreo responds to its fan’s tweet.

One-way communication is not enough anymore. Today, brands use two-way communication which means they listen and engage in conversation based on the needs and interests of their audience. Social media is a perfect place to do this, unlike television, billboards or display. Get to know your audience and jump into   conversation at the right time. Learn where your customers are and be there for them. It’s not like you have to be on every social media, but choose three most powerful ones (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – if your fans are there) and try to respond at least within 24 hours.
Brands like Oreo, Taco Bell or Coca-Cola do it well.

2. Listen to your Customer

Did you know that Procter and Gamble spends $ 2 billion per year on marketing research. It may sound crazy, but they know what they’re doing. Starbucks went one step further and created MyStarbucksIdea.com, a site where clients can share their product, experience and involvement ideas.

If your research budget is tight, there are other options. With the growing impact of social media, customers share their opinions about products on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other channels. You can start with searching for opinions about your product using hashtags like your company or product name (eg. #nikefreerun). If you want more specific information about your brand, here are the most popular social media monitoring tools.

3. Create Good User Experience

Sometimes you end up on websites you wish to forget they ever existed. Customers like sites that are: attractive, simple and direct, which means they know exactly what to do right after entering your site. Read more about Good User Interface Design here.

If you’re not sure whether your clients make the best of your site, check their behavior with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, CrazyEgg. A quick look at the insights can tell you for example where your clients bounce. Check some of the available analytics tools here.

4. Make your Customer’s Voice Count

Quirky.com Customer Empowerment

If you ask your customers for their opinion or make a contest for the best design of your product, make sure you implement them . Try to go one step further. Quirky.com offers products invented by people like you. The site is based on giving their customers the power to create, name or choose the look of the product. Plus, Quirky tells their users what influence they have on particular aspect of the product. Major sports shoes companies like Reebok and Nike allow their clients to customize their shoes. Maybe your product can be customized in some way too?

5. It’s not about you

Last but not least, try to leave behind your idea of what your clients want and what you think is cool. Make some effort to describe your target audience, see what your customers are interested in, what they like, how they communicate, what is important to them and what makes them laugh. And finally, make sure you never design for yourself.


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