8 Levels of Running You can apply in Engagement Design #Infographic

Levels give your users a taste of success that motivates them to visit your site again. As a huge fan of running I’d compare levels in game design to the levels you reach in running. Runners love observing their progress and achieve better results and… as a result of the growing popularity of running apps and wearable devices like Nike Fuel Band or FitBit they love to share their progress with friends.

8 Levels of Running You can apply in Engagement Design

Designing for engagement part 1. Are you a Killer or Socializer?

Engagement of your users plays a vital role in your business development. In short, the more engaged the user, the bigger probability he or she will buy your product. The question is how to do it right. The first thing to consider is why your users would want to „play” with your service. Understanding players’ motivation should explain that.

Online marketing and UX – friends or enemies?

Online marketing and User Experience practitioners are quite popular job titles these days. They seem to act like two superheroes who want to make the world better but remain at odds when it comes to the details. Would they act together if they knew how marvelous effects their collaboration can bring?

Engage or Die: smart gamification

Gamification is a way of gaining engagement which can be turned into more sales. Many companies decide to implement gamification into their marketing strategy because it seems fun and easy way to approach more customers and increase sales in a short period of time. When you search the Internet for gamification examples you see mostly success stories and big numbers.