How to Create a Download Page that Generates Leads

With the growing popularity of content marketing, e-books became kind of a must have in your marketing strategy.
There are at least four reasons why they are so popular:

  • People are tired of advertising and want good content,
  • Content spreads across social media gaining global reach,
  • Content helps you rank well in Google,
  • The effectiveness of content is easy to track with the social share buttons and tracking codes.

5 Triggers to Make Your Product a Loved One

What makes you choose one product over another? Think about it. It’s no coincidence that Facebook, Google or Youtube have over 1 billion active users each month. In the attempt to find out what makes us choose a particular product, I researched the triggers used by top online companies. There are two types of triggersexternal and internal. They come in different forms and serve various purposes. Some of them simply make you click, while others make you stay. After reading this article you will be one step closer to making your product a loved one.

How to Build Habit-Forming Products with the Hook Model

While searching for top books about product management, I came across “Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal – bestseller in Product Management on Working in online marketing and product development, I’d like to think that I understand marketing tricks product designers use to create habit-forming products. However, from time to time I fall into the trap of hot offers and well-designed products.

With the spree of online entrepreneurs and experts it is difficult to find a book that has been through the three stages of quality writing: thorough research, real life examples and case studies and author’s second thought about the topic. Author of “Hooked” went through all these stages, which shows he respects his reader.