Conversion Conference: CRO Hacks, Landing Pages, And Las Vegas

Conversions are the Holy Grail of online marketing. We try to make it higher and higher and present stunning results to outshine the competition. Last week was a big week for Conversion Rate Optimization geeks who came from all across the world to Las Vegas for Conversion Conference.

We are all responsible for conversions in some way.  So why, having this many dedicated tools and experts, are we still struggling with this one? The answer is – change. Trends change with the speed of light and thus, the user’s behavior. However, the „A/B test everything” rule can cost us a lot of time = money. That’s where Conversion Conference comes in handy. With experts from many different fields it is easy to get on the right track and… get inspired.


May 12-14, Las Vegas, Rio Hotel 

If you happen to be at Conversion Conference you’ll surely meet Tim Ash, a conversion optimization guru and CEO at SiteTuners but most importantly – a great host. Among the keynotes were: Amy Africa, Lance Loveday, Tim Ash and Nathalie Nahai. Presenters included: Oli Gardner, Roland Frasier, Larry Kim, Peep Laja, Nate Ende and many more CRO experts.

There were around 50 sessions, so one would need a time machine to attend them all. Here are the 3 sessions that I found most powerful.

CRO Strategy for Advertisers: Proven Secrets for 5X Conversion Lift – Larry Kim, WordStream.


Witty and useful PPC tips served with the speed of light.

Your 12-step Landing Page Rehab Program – Oli Gardner, Unbounce.

Oli Gardner Conversion Conference

Again, tons of useful tips and tricks to increase conversions with real A/B test scores spiced up with Oli’s sharp sense of humor.

22 Copy & Paste Conversion Hacks From 3,000 Split Tests To Make You Look Like a CRO Rockstar Even if You Don’t Have the Traffic or Money to Test – Roland Frasier,

Roland Frasier - conversion Conference

What a headline?! It was the longest and most intriguing headline and the presentation itself stood up to it. Roland Frasier presented dozens of quick and ready to implement tips on CRO.

After the keynotes and presentations there were many attractions including The Voo Doo Zip Line on the top of the 50-floor Masquerade Tower with a great view on the Sin City and the evening drinks at Tim Ash’s presidential suite.

Powerful presentations with hundreds of tips and case studies and great networking sessions – definitely worth it!