How to Create a Download Page that Generates Leads

With the growing popularity of content marketing, e-books became kind of a must have in your marketing strategy.
There are at least four reasons why they are so popular:

  • People are tired of advertising and want good content,
  • Content spreads across social media gaining global reach,
  • Content helps you rank well in Google,
  • The effectiveness of content is easy to track with the social share buttons and tracking codes.

So you’ve created an e-book and want the world to download it.
First off, plan and create a good-looking and effective landing page.

1. Plan your landing page.

When planning your download page your can create a mockup or draw a simple sketch.
They will show you roughly:

  • How much text you can fit in,
  • Where to place your call to action,
  • What should happen after clicking „download” – are you going to have a thank you page?

Here’s an example of a well-thought-of download page. It’s got all the necessary elements in the right places.



2. Write an attractive copy that will make the user perform the desired action – download.

Think of the practical knowledge your e-book has and write about it in short bullet points. You can start with describing the problem your e-book solves and then move to the content.

3. Design your page.

If you are a designer or have one at hand, you can design your page from scratch. For those who are not designers or programmers, there is a number of services that offer landing page creators, so you can design you page in minutes without any technical skills. Here are some of the pages I’ve used: LeadPages, GetResponse, Wix.

GetResponse’s landing page creator offers 24 ready-to-go, responsive download templates. You can also start creating your page from scratch. Their creator gives you the opportunity to A/B test your sites and check which version converts better. The built-in thank you page is an icing on the cake, so you’ve got all the tools you need to create an effective download page.


4. Create a powerful Call to Action.

The most important call to action on your download page is your „Sign up” button below the fields of your web form. Another way of generating leads is Pay with a Tweet button. User can download your e-book after posting about it on Twitter or other social media. Go to and create free campaign if you’re there for the first time. You can read more about how to create a Pay with a Tweet button in How to Use “Pay With a Tweet” to Generate Leads.

5. Use your thank you page wisely.

Your thank you page is much more than just a polite gesture. It is a part of your user’s (and potential customer) journey through your page. A thank you page is a great opportunity to ask your audience to share the e-book. It is also a good place to promote your other products.


6. Test and optimize.

It’s crucial that you test your landing page before going live. And by testing I mean actually downloading your e-book on different devices and letting others do it and see if the process is clear and simple. You can also try A/B testing and check which call to action, copy or layout perform best.

So off you go then! Create your own download landing page and generate more leads.

Do you have your thoughts about download pages? Share them with us in the comments below this post.