Influencers – Who are they? What can they do for you? #Infographic

Who are the Influencers?

Influencers impact their environment in a way that people talk about them or follow what they are saying or doing. They have a different way of thinking and feel comfortable with it. Early adopters are the type of influencers worth considering when promoting your brand. They make up for 13,5% of the general population and their word-of-mouth is extremely important.

Types of influencers

There are four main types of influencers:

1. Celebrities
2. High Quality content creators
3. Buzz builders
4. Ambassadors & employees

Advocates and employees may seem less significant, but if your employees are not on your side you are losing a lot. A happy employee = a valuable brand ambassador. That’s why it’s worth making sure your employees are happy and they can become your best ambassadors.

To reach more audience with credible publicity you need to dig a bit deeper and find opinion leaders. In B2B the most influential will be high quality content creators and buzz builders.

What can influencers do for you?

Influencers can do a lot for you but you should have a clear idea which type of cooperation would benefit your business.

  • Face – this type of cooperation applies mainly to celebrities,
  • Recommendation – bloggers or people with good reputation in a certain field are the perfect types influencers to recommend your brand or business,
  • Audience – influencers can share your content in their social network or with their subscribers,
  • Content – quality content creators or buzz builders can help you out with the content,
  • Credibility – influencers add extra points to the credibility of your brand or product,
  • Creative idea – some companies work with designers or celebrities to create or refresh their product,
  • Defense – this type of cooperation works especially when you biuld the relationship with influencers for a longer period of time. This is extremely useful during crises.

Next time I’ll give you some examples of fruitful cooperation between brands and influencers.

How to talk to influencers?
I’ve been reaching out to influencers many times and I’ve made some observations.
Here are 5 tips how to talk to influencers.

1. Keep it real.
You might feel respect for the influencer you want to reach out to but remember that they are just normal people and they probably have the sense of humor so don’t be too cool. Add some personal message like „I love your blog, especially ………… .”

2. Be specific.
Imagine a person you’re trying to reach gets at least 10 similar emails a day among 500 other emails. Do you think they will spend their time on reading vague proposals? Provide necessary information:
why you’re contacting them,
who you are,
what are the benefits from working with you.
For bloggers it can be your social reach, your company’s reputation, etc. If you have some budget, you don’t have to mention it in the first email. I usually ask for their rates or what would satisfy them.

3. Let them be themselves.
Very often companies have their own idea of what they want the influencers to do. It’s important to make some research and check what the person you want to work with is comfortable with. At the end of the day, you don’t want their recommendation to look fake.

4. Don’t ask for too much
If you’re writing an email to the influencer, give them an idea of what you need and how they can benefit from it. This should take at most 1 – 2 paragraphs. In the first email or phone call just give the brief idea and let the influencer tell you how they see it. They might have some pretty good ideas you didn’t come up with.

5. Keep your promises.
Once you say you do something, stand by this promise, wether it’s money, a gift, a service, or anything else. If you don’t make it right you may get just the opposite to what you expected – a bad PR.