Mobile as Market Research SuperTool

It’s been a while since Cyberrresearch 3.0. and I had some time to digest the facts. The most captivating presentation (IMHO) was Dominika Maison’s speech about Mobile Research. Let me present some facts from her speech.

75% respondents use their spartphones in bed

30% respondents use their smartphones in the bathroom

almost 50% respondents use their smartphones when having a meal with family or friends

almost everyone uses smartphones during shopping or mass parties

Therefore, smartphones are the next supertool in research! Why not use it in your business?

In Africa, the PAPI research has been replaced by mobile because while not everyone has a phone or laptop in Africa, they do have smartphones!

Maison Research got a task to do the research of the role of Heineken Open’er Festival. They could have done post-event research using any kind of research tool but this would not give the right results. They needed to examine the emotions and opinions during the festival and the conventional survey would not work. Therefore, they decided to use smartphones as interactive method and online survey as retrospective method. In the interactive method the respondents were asked to upload a photo from the festival presenting the brand presence. The time of the day when the photos were taken gave the broader vision of where the brand should be more present during the festival.

Results: the real-time responses about the brand at the festival.

More mobile market research cases:
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