Online marketing and UX – friends or enemies?

Online marketing and User Experience practitioners are quite popular job titles these days. They seem to act like two superheroes who want to make the world better but remain at odds when it comes to the details. Would they act together if they knew how marvelous effects their collaboration can bring?

How do we Sell in tough times?

How do we sell the product – that is the question!

Last week I went to a conference Cyberresearch 3.0 which dealt with (mainly) online research. What drew my attention was a presentation about the sales performance in Poland and Sweden by T. Rakowski from Daymaker. So what we clients really want?

It’s interesting but we actually just want the salesperson to sell it, and (the harder part) we want them to do it right. Very often the sales people are too affraid to offend the byuer that they try to avoid the topic of selling and brag about the things that may interest the buyer.

The most effective sales are… in the shops

Poland and Sweden are very effective (around 80%) in asking about the preferences. The proposal is concrete but the moment of truth comes with the upselling and the buy decision. Sweden seems to have bigger problems with these 2 than Poland. The most important aspects of customer experience are: A. the active approach to the client, B. knowledge about the internal marketing C. upselling and D. knowledge of the product. Some people tend to think that good sales is about the feeling of the product. It may be true in B2B business but not exactly in B2C. Why? It seems that the best chains know exactly how to sell which meens they implement the exact rules of sales that are applied to the cash points. In the best 5 FMCG chains in Poland the specific elements of customer experience were valued high as opposite as those in the worst FMCG chains. The best customer experience is achieved thanks to the high spirits and avareness of the sales person. The conlusion is that a good and motivated sales person can do more than a few less experienced and motivated ones. A good sales person says ‘my job is about taking care of the sales and our clients. The less effective sales person says: my job is about our shop and the products. It’s not difficult to see the difference.

The best examples of good customer service are not hard to find. The first one that comes to my mind is Zappos and Next time about them…