Top 10 Free Online Marketing Tools to Make Multitasking Easier

When was the last time you were concentrating only on one task without any interruption? I mean no Facebook, no phone calls, no people asking you things. Whether you are running your own business or you are an employee – you hardly ever get to do only one task at a time. Today, multitasking became the #1 skill and being organized is simply not enough to manage it all. Here is a list of free online marketing tools that make multitasking easier.


Online presence is an absolute necessity in the 21st century. WordPress made it easy for everyone even without the knowledge of programming to create beautiful websites for various purposes. Blogs, personal sites, thank you pages, promotional pages – have them all with a few clicks. All you need to pay for in the beginning is a domain and hosting. WordPress provides many free templates that look neat and are mobile-friendly.


WBS Tool

Project management is not just a nice term to place in your resume. It is a skill of successful people who know exactly why, when and most of all what they are doing. Everyone is a project manager of his work and time. So why not do it right, instead of working late hours because the deadline is approaching. is a free tool that helps you create Work Breakdown Structure, so you know what activities need to be done in what sequence to achieve your goal. In project management this is a key project deliverable that organizes the team’s work into manageable sections.


Gantter – Multitasking Superhero

Organization of work is really important to me. Without it I feel like a child lost in the woods or a Hulk during transformation. My nostrills start to grow and I’m turning green. But seriously, I just can’t stand it when the work of my team is badly organized. It’s like doing something with no purpose and in a total chaos. Gantter makes organizing activities much easier. It’s a free cloud-based project scheduling tool that allows you to write down activities, assign assets and time and see if the activities don’t collide. I use it in more complex projects so when someone asks me about a particular deadline or activity I look into my Gantter table (just like a fortune-teller looks into her crystal ball) and give a straight answer on the spot.




Good music can help you out with the most difficult tasks. Imagine you have to write a quick press release while in a crowded room and you need to concentrate, or you’re counting rows in your Excel spreadshit and you need something that will keep you energized. Music helps you focus and gives inspiration. Spotify brings music from every part of the world to your laptop and you don’t have to pay anything. The downside of the free account is the number of ads, but still it’s imho the best free music services available.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a real helper when it comes to navigation. I remember one of my first days at work when I needed to go to a client and present our offer. I was told to google client’s address and so I did, but what I found on the door was an info that the company moved out of town. That was a bummer cos it was also one of my first days after getting my driver’s licence. You can imagine my frustration, when I realized my Garmin navigation couldn’t find the place I was looking for. Google Maps saved me that day, and I am still using it.


We are only humans and sometimes we forget about our arrangements. iCal is a simple and efficient tool for scheduling meetings. I’m doing a lot of Skype calls and it’s fantastic how you can just send an invitation to the person you want to talk to and they get the notification. As simple as that. What is annoying is that some people send you invitations via different event schedule services where you need to create an account instead of just sending you an iCal.


Skype is a great tool for longer calls especially abroad. It provides features like: group conversation, desktop sharing or online presentation. The downside of Skype is that it looses connection often.


Meeting new people is great but just like you don’t normally tell your secrets to a person you just met, you may not want to add this person to your Facebook friends. Sometimes, there is a barrier between you and your boss that you don’t want to break or you want to present yourself more professionaly. Here comes LinkedIn. The information about you is purely professional and you don’t share your personal life there. LinkedIn messenger enables contacting someone directly.

There are also advertising options for promoting your company, event, or blog.


Twitter is a great here-and-now social network. It’s more professional than Facebook and less official than LinkedIn. I get a lot of inspiration and knowledge from Twitter and I can choose people I want to follow and see in the newsfeed.