WHY and HOW to Learn to Code

Coding is no longer a skill reserved to engineers. It became the number one business skill of the future. Even basic knowledge of code opens doors to many opportunities. There are several places you can learn code for free without technical background.


Coding is not a rocket science

I noticed people often have a wrong idea about programmers. They are not Gods. They are Humans. The only thing you need to have to start coding is logical thinking. If you can do that,  you can start learning to code.


WHY? for entrepreneurs and start ups

Today, every business needs website. Knowledge of HTML is crucial when you want to make quick moderations on your site. Even a slight change on your blog like changing the font size or color usually requires basic knowledge of HTML.


WHY? for managers

You’re working in marketing department of a big company with a number of IT guys and you want to implement a new feature on your website. You probably noticed IT is not as excited about new ideas as other departments in your company. Why? Because they know that every new idea == more time of working on a new project. When presenting the new project, you should have a brief idea of how difficult it is and how long it will take. Once you know that, you can save yourself a lot of nerves and gain respect (or at least keep your face).



There are several places where everyone can learn to code. Here are the top sites I’ve used and recommend:

And here’s my winner…


I tried several sites to learn code but I must say Codecademy is the best. Each course is split between several parts with approx. 5-25 lessons. After finishing each part you gain a badge that you can share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. I wasn’t sharing the badges but they were a nice surprise. The course takes you from the basic level to the more advanced level without really feeling the transition. Below every excercise you get Instructions with tips from the previous lesson and if you still have a problem finishing the task you can go to Q & A Forum, which I found really helpful.

After finishing HTML & CSS course at Codecademy I relaunched my blog using a custom non-Wordpress template. The course helped me a lot with implementing the new layout and this is not my final word about coding.