Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 – A Blatant Copy or a Tough Rival of iOS 7

Xiaomi, China’s biggest smartphone maker is planning to make a global splash. Apple will have to double its productivity and creativity if it wants to win this battle. MIUI 6 – Xiaomi’s version of Android for the new MI4 is strikingly similar to iOS 7 with a couple of improvements that make for the exceptional User Experience.

Xiaomi has already beaten its Android-based competitors like: HTC One (M8) or Samsung Galaxy S5 (see An Tu Tu Benchark test below) and now the company is gathering its strenght to overthrow iPhone.


An Tu Tu Benchmark Test Mi3W


A flat design with an emphasis on simplicity and color is just like Apple’s iOS 7. Let’s take a look at some features of MI 3W.


Icons - MI3 vs iPhone 5S


Calendar - MIUI vs iOS7


Calculator - MI3 vs iOS7

I was so curious about Xiaomi’s revolutionary smartphones that I ordered MI 3W via ibuygou.com. You must know I am a bit of a freak when it comes to Apple. Back at uni, I chose “Apple branding” as the topic of my Masters dissertation thesis and my relationship with the brand has blossomed ever since, with me using MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. But believe it or not, when I unboxed my Chinese package I was pretty impressed. The first thing that won me through was the organic looking box. Then, there was the product design, nothing like some copycat products you may come across in China. It’s like a perfect mix of iPhone and the top-notch Android-based smartphones, plus it’s really light – 145 g, compared to 160g of HTC One M8.

I was also impressed with the navigation. The Menu button, Home buton and Back button are just below the screen unlike in HTC One, where they take the screen’s space. I must say that sometimes I miss the „back” button in iPhone.

All in all, I’m really happy with my MI 3W so far and I think Xiaomi threw a real challenge at Apple.